• Smith is a motoring journalist and television presenter. He currently presents on Fifth Gear in the UK and has hosted his own documentary television series Industrial Junkie.

    He has written for various car and motoring publications including custom and vintage VW magazine (becoming the editor after three years), Max Power, Car, Classic Cars, Loaded, The Sunday Times, Autocar and Auto Express amongst others.

    Jonny has owned over 130 cars and still has the first car he bought at 16-years old – a 1967 Beetle 1500.

    He once crashed the only Dodge SRT10 in England after a one mile drive, and then bought an old Nissan Laurel to get home in because the train was delayed. He also tried to re-enact a 76-foot 'Dukes of Hazzard' jump in a home-made General Lee and his neck has never been the same since.