BBC AMERICA’s Earth Night features some of the most ‘presh’ animals on the planet. Prepare to say awww as you get to know these admirable creatures.

Meerkats: Sometimes They’re Not Early Risers, Either

Their adorable arm ‘hang’ mixed with their inability to wake up first thing in the morning makes these meerkats too adorable and definitely relatable to our own daily post-slumber struggle. Like our morning coffee consumption, meerkats get a jolt from sunlight which triggers hormones and awakens them. Watch these adorable meerkats attempt to rise and shine with the sun.

Some are more successful than others…

Tarsiers: Wide-Eyed and Pint-Sized, yet Dangerous!

These palm-sized cuties are hard to not want to cuddle because of their giant peepers. However, tarsiers mean business. Their acute sight helps them pounce on prey,

springing from one branch to the next like a miniature Spiderman. Check out these tarsiers as they stalk in the night!

Capuchins: Smart, Strong and Snuggly!

These intelligent little monkeys prepare nuts for eating by letting them dry out in the sun. And when perfectly ripe, they use rocks to smash open the nuts.

Their dexterity and ability is truly remarkable, but their furry little faces are what keep us in true “aw.”

The Brazilian Pygmy Gecko: Mini and Mighty!


This itty bitty floating lizard takes facing adversity to a whole new level! Check out how it manages to survive in the rainforest despite its tiny stature.

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The Mini ‘Elephant Shrew’ Sengi


This tiny female African sengi knows how to outwit her enemies. Watch her cheetah-like movements on the ground!

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Stunning Seahorses


These underwater love-fish have a romantic way of performing courtship when Spring hits. Check out the ultimate seahorse dance.

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Slip N’ Slide Penguins


Watch these cute little penguins battle an uphill climb up a mountain in the mud.

Romance in Flight

Although they may not be the most “attractive” dragonfly, Dameselfly’s are highly romantic creatures. A dameselfly’s mating sequence is “aw” inspiring. Females will use their wings to signal a fellow male. A male will then latch onto the female Damselfly, creating a heart shape with their bodies.

Watch the Damselfly go through it’s love-fueled matchmaking process!

Lil’ Stoat: Bust a Move!


Check out the stoat’s dance moves.

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Stay tuned each Tuesday for more cuteness as our Earth Night block continues.