About the Show
About the Show

Earth is a collection of worlds within worlds, each one a self-contained ecosystem bursting with life. These micro-worlds depend on an intricate web of relationships and natural forces that make each one unique.

This stunning series delves deep into the heart of these habitats, breaking down each intricate ecosystem into all of its component parts, introducing the animals that live there, and revealing the fine balances of its existence.

Traveling across the world, Hidden Habitats investigates micro-worlds like the islands of Galapagos, the grasslands of the Serengeti, Svalbard in the Arctic Circle, the Amazon rainforest, and the desert of Australia’s Red Centre to discover the key to life in each of them. It also reveals what can happen to these ecosystems — and indeed our planet — if something interferes with their delicate balance.

Do we know which of the habitats that surround us are built to last and which are very finely tuned? What are nature’s tipping points? And what makes the seemingly remote places on the planet so important to our own existence?

Using the world’s best natural history archive, Hidden Habitats takes viewers on a fascinating journey, offering a definitive guide to some very special places on Earth.