Binge Series

Harry Wild

When retired literature professor Harriet "Harry" Wild (Jane Seymour) is mugged, it sets off a chain of events that leads her to a new life as a private investigator.

S3, E1

Killing Me Softly with His Bad Pop Song

After Jamie D, lead singer of Hot Boy 4, plummets to his death, Harry's granddaughter Lola feels certain it was murder and not suicide. She convinces Harry and Fergus to investigate for the sake of Jamie's pregnant widow, the fans, and the music.

S3, E2

Too Many Harrys Spoil the Murder

When a renowned chef's girlfriend is brutally murdered, Harry and Fergus have to contend with a rival private detective, a gangster's henchman, and an utterly baffling mystery. Meanwhile, Paula makes a life-changing announcement.

S3, E3

Lights, Camera, Murder

The despotic director of a cheap, daytime Irish soap opera has his throat cut in the middle of a scene. Its under-pressure producer is desperate for Harry and Fergus to quickly find the culprit so filming can resume.

S3, E4

The Man Who Murdered Himself

Harry and Fergus must figure out how a mystery writer could have shot himself in a locked panic room without a gun. Fellow P.I. Harry Benedict continues to inveigle his way into Harry's life.

S3, E5

Cleanliness Is Next to Deadliness

The Vibrant Villages competition is fierce, with dirty tricks and sabotage galore. So when Harry's friend Evelyn Summers finds dead fish in her pond, she assumes it's more of the same-until she finds the corpse of her estranged husband there, too.

S3, E6

Dead Man's Trigger

On Glenn and Petra's wedding day, Harry and Fergus head to the Garda station to collect Charlie, Orla, and Lola. Then an ex-soldier with a bomb walks in and demands that they solve the murder of his daughter, on the anniversary of her death.