Go beyond each Dynasties episode with BBC Earth’s podcasts — a fascinating blend of nature, science, and immersive soundscapes.

Find out more about the lion, chimpanzee, tiger, painted wolf, and penguin families featured in the series, plus hear more astonishing animal stories from around the globe.


Episode 1: Growing Up

The transition between childhood and adulthood is no easy feat for humans and animals alike. These awkward years see creatures evolving physically and socially, clumsily learning to fend for themselves with all the pitfalls of being young, foolish and free. This week we hear from producer-director Simon Blakeney as he describes the dynamic teenage duo of Red and Tatu from Dynasties ‘Lion’ episode.

Learning from others is part of getting older and, hopefully, wiser, but when there are no parental figures to help raise these teenage elephants they become unruly. Also featured is the tale of a jellyfish whose development stages occur in reverse and a Blue Planet II Assistant Producer on her life growing up quite literally on the ocean.

Episode 2: Beginnings

Beginnings. Join the crew from Dynasties on a journey to Senegal, home of Fongoli chimps. Each year, these chimps brave intense wildfires that ruin their homes. Destructive though they seem, these wildfires are actually part of the cycle of life. The stories in this episode embrace what it means to discover our roots, to begin again and the trials some animals must endure in their very first stages of life. Eric Grandon, a military veteran, explains how caring for a colony of bees turned his life around after suffering his darkest days having returned home from war.

Episode 3: Hide and Seek

Join us for a game of hide and seek. Imagine trying to track down an un-collared tiger in a vast, dense jungle in India… You’d need the help of experienced local trackers who have spent years perfecting the art of tracking animals through the language of surrounding species. To them, simply listening to the wall of sound around them paints the perfect audio map of what’s going on in the dense undergrowth. Speaking of maps, we hear the tale of a man who used satellite technology and imagery to discover an unmapped forest, uncovering a brand-new ecosystem. From forest to cities, expect unexpected stories, hidden truths and unwelcome surprises (like a python in your toilet…)

Episode 4: Rituals

Discover the rituals performed in the animal kingdom for love, life and death. Did you know painted wolves sing to vote for the next alpha couple? Neither did we. This behavior was documented for the first time ever by the crew working on BBC Earth’s latest landmark. We explore the weird, and occasionally dark, acts that characterize crow funerals, how birds brandish themselves to potential mates and the awe-inspiring tale of witnessing a mass-baptism at the Blue Nile – a river steeped in myth and legend.

Episode 5: Isolation

With this podcast we’re taking you to the southernmost continent on the planet: Antarctica. This is where cameraman Lindsay McCrae and his team spent 10 months filming emperor penguins for Dynasties. As it was impossible for the crew to leave their location, it meant Lindsay experienced a key life event over 14,000 kilometers from home. In this episode, you’ll also walk among gorillas in the Impenetrable Forest, step into untouched caves and meet the man who finds companionship through whale song.