Episode 15

Guests pitch an ice cream that claims to be healthier than an apple


Episode 14

A trailer tent tall enough for Peter Jones to stand up in has the Dragons reaching for the instruction manual.


Episode 13

This episode's pitches include a portable drum kit that doesn't need drums. But will the innovative entrepreneurs be willing to…


Episode 12

An innovative camping stove sparks the interest of the multimillionaire investors, but will it secure a deal?


Episode 11

An entrepreneur returns to face the Dragons for a second time with a product that helps you exercise at your…


Episode 10

The Dragons meet entrepreneurs with a product that promises to banish grey hairs.

BBCA_DragonsDen_1309 (1)

Episode 9

An engineer is looking for investment in his invention to assist dog and horse owners.


Episode 8

A former banker tries to convince the Dragons to invest in his idea to renovate an old London Underground station

BBCA_DragonsDen_1307 (1)

Episode 7

The razor sharp Dragons quiz an Anglo-French duo about their hair-raising business venture


Episode 6

A husband-and-wife team from Liverpool takes the Dragons on a tour in their electric tuk-tuk


Episode 5

A technology-focused entrepreneur brings a sports car into the Den to demonstrate his vehicle security app


Episode 4

It's crunch time when a man from Liverpool enters the Den with his chips business


Episode 3

A duo uses their cheeky charm to convince the Dragons to invest in their solution for tidying TV cables

Episode 2

The Dragons encounter the weird and wonderful world of taxidermy


Episode 1

A yogi entrepreneur tries to bring some much-needed Zen into the Den