Is it September 19 yet? We just can’t wait for the Season 9 premiere! So, until then, we’re taking a look back at some of the best moments from the last season.

Episode 12: “Death in Heaven”
The Doctor finally answers his own question, “Am I a good man?”

And parts ways with Clara… but not before dishing out one more very important edict.

  Episode 11: “Dark Water” Missy reveals her true identity to the Doctor.




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That was after she laid one on him 3W-style. (3 extra kisses on the nose, obviously.)

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Episode 10: “In the Forest of the Night” The tables turn and Clara tries to save the Doctor by luring him back to the TARDIS.

Episode 9: “Flatline” Just in case you were wondering who the Doctor is… he’s the man who stops the monsters, which he declares in one of the most epic monologues of the season. You better recognize!

Episode 8: “Mummy on the Orient Express” The Doctor has us on the edge of our seats for 66 seconds.

But not before pop star Foxes performed our new favorite cover. (This is a bonus moment — we just had to include it!)

Episode 7: “Kill the Moon” Clara left the Doctor. Well, she tried.

Episode 6: “The Caretaker” Danny learns the truth about Clara and the Doctor.

Episode 5: “Time Heist” The Doctor reflects on his looks over the years proving that literally everyone’s a critic!

And that even the TARDIS has its limits.


Episode 4: “Listen” Clara goes on an adventure with a man. 

…and a boy.

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Episode 3: “Robot of Sherwood”
A moment that could have only been made more amusing if Mel Brooks had scripted it himself. 

Episode 2: “Into the Dalek”
Clara meets Danny Pink, and a collective “Awww” is heard ’round the Whoniverse.

Episode 1: “Deep Breath” This moment is made more amusing once we meet Missy played by Michelle Gomez, a fellow Scot.