• The wrong side of Madame Vastra can be a dangerous place to be. A brave warrior, she wields swords with power and precision and after dealing with the notorious Jack the Ripper, she commented that she’d found him "stringy but tasty," suggesting that she devours her enemies!

    Like many Silurians, Vastra sometimes showed a haughty contempt for humans, but she’s close to her assistant, Jenny Flint, and showed a steel resolve to keep the Monks from baby Melody, shouting, "Protect the child at all costs!" and risking her own life for the Ponds’ daughter.

    Back in Victorian London, her alliance with Jenny and Strax became known as the Paternoster Gang, with the trio sometimes joined a fourth member - the Doctor himself. She was by his side as he battled the Great Intelligence in 1892 and was delighted to see Clara galvanize him into action. She last glimpsed the Time Lord haring off on another mission but we suspect that we’ll be seeing more of this engaging "lizard woman from the dawn of time"!