• The Headless Monks are deadly warriors, first encountered as they traded with Dorium in the Prequel to “A Good Man Goes to War.” They later assisted Madame Kovarian on Demon’s Run and were involved in the tragic battle that saw the deaths of both Strax and Lorna Bucket.

    It remains a Level One Heresy to lower the hood of a Headless Monk and some feared that even glancing beneath their cowls would result in execution. But on Demon’s Run, their hoods were turned back and we discovered that these enigmatic soldiers were literally headless!

    It is traditional for "visiting armies" of other faiths to offer individuals for conversion. In other words, allies of the Monks put forward soldiers who are ushered into their faith by decapitation. We have much to learn about the Headless Monks but there is a single certainty…when you hear their attack prayer there’s one thing you should do: Run!