• Chloe Dykstra, born and raised in beautiful, cultured Sherman Oaks, has been playing video games since she could fit inside a laundry hamper to sled down the stairs. Growing up with two crazy-cool parents (a retired tour manager and a visual effects supervisor), Chloe was always surrounded by new technology. She fell madly in love with her N64, and the new thing at the time called "The Internet". Also included in her interests, tons of Sci Fi-- Philip K. Dick, Ray Bradbury, Firefly, Doctor Who. After a few sad years of an awkward nerd existence, she realized with a little tweaking she could mold "weird" into "unique".

    Currently, Chloe hosts a cosplay-centric show on the Nerdist Network called "Just Cos", works as a freelance game journalist for a number of websites, and models.

    Which 20th century decade best fits your personality and why?
    Definitely 1920's. Super classy, lots of awesome parties. Wait, booze was banned then,
    wasn't it? 1960's it is.

    Would you rather stop time, go back in time or look into the future?
    I would rather go into the future, definitely. We already know most of what happened in
    the past, but only I could know what happens in the future. But would I be able to return to the
    present? If not, then what am I going to do with all these lottery numbers and wireless phone

    Tell us one movie or TV show that you could watch time and time again and why?
    Definitely "Doctor Who." The show's timelines are so complex, it actually requires multiple
    viewing to understand them. Plus, I'll never get tired of Matt Smith's jawline and Tennant's...

    If you were to bury a time capsule to be open in 100 years, what three things would you put in it to represent your life?
    My first Comic Con badge, my copy of Flatland, and my Xbox. Definitely not my laptop. No one will ever see the contents of this hard drive.

    What is your favorite way to travel and why?
    By car! Yes, plane may be faster, but you can't stop to check out the nation's largest fire
    hydrant. Also it is way fun to drink a large Diet Coke and see how many pee-stops it takes before your boyfriend gets pissed (pun very much intented).

    Which British actor or actress would you most want to be stuck on a desert island with?
    Oh come on. Tennant. Easy.

    What's your favorite destination in the world and why?
    I really do have to say London. Clich├ęd, I know, but I've spent a good amount of time there and I still miss it every day. Second favorite: Galway, Ireland, the most hospitable city I've ever beento. Are you friendless? Go hang out in a pub in Galway. Problem solved.

    Whats one destination in the world you would never want to go to and why?
    Truthfully, I don't think anyone should say there's a place they'd never want to go. I want to see and experience all the things!

    Whats one surprising thing you always travel with?
    My sonic... toothbrush.

    What's your favorite British saying, and why?
    "I think I'm going to Chundertown." This is an adorable way of saying, "I am going to throw up. A lot." I enjoy the concept of a town where you just throw up. Okay wait, that whole destination I don't want to go to question? Answered.

    Which big-time British singer is your favorite: Adele, Leona Lewis or Amy Winehouse?
    Amy Winehouse. Girl had pipes, and made some pretty unique music. Also, her bouffant was
    way bigger than Adele's.

    Who your favorite female sci-fi character and why?
    River from Firefly. She's ridiculously intelligent, super hot, and a special breed of crazy. All this, and she can kill you in less than a second. Awesome? Very.

    Which English book character would you invite to a dinner party: Jane Eyre, Hermione Granger or Bridget Jones?
    Bridget Jones, because she'd probably make a total ass out of herself in the first five minutes
    and take the heat off me.

    If you could be the companion/sidekick of any female hero, who would you pick and why?
    I would go back in time and become my own sidekick, because hell yeah.