Doctor Who: The Evil of the Daleks

Missing from the BBC Archives this animated version of the 1967 classic sees the Doctor and Jamie are kidnapped and taken to 1866. There he finds the Daleks are going to use him as part of a plot to create a race of Super-Daleks.

S1, E1

Episode 1

The TARDIS has been stolen and the Doctor and Jamie follow the clues which lead to an appointment at a mysterious antique shop.

S1, E2

Episode 2

The Doctor and Jamie have been transported back in time one hundred years. There, in the home of inventor Theodore Maxtible, the Doctor encounters the Daleks.

S1, E3

Episode 3

Jamie is exploring Maxtible's house, but unknown to him, the Doctor has been forced by the Daleks to subject his companion to a series of tests.

S1, E4

Episode 4

The Doctor demonstrates the strength of the human factor to the Daleks as Jamie and his new friend, Kemel attempt to rescue Victoria Waterfield.

S1, E5

Episode 5

The tests on Jamie are complete, but Victoria is still a captive of the Daleks and Jamie suspects that the Doctor has surrendered to his arch-enemies.

S1, E6

Episode 6

The Doctor and Jamie are taken by the Daleks to Skaro where the Dalek Emperor confronts them. The Doctor has made a terrible mistake and the Daleks have won.

S1, E7

Episode 7

The human factor is spreading through the Dalek city and Dalek fights Dalek in a civil war. The Doctor and his friends are caught in the crossfire. Not all will survive the battle.