Dirk Gently

Funny, eloquent, rude and a tiny bit presumptuous, Dirk Gently has strange psychic abilities that enable him to sense tangential connections. Read Full Bio


Farah Black

Farah is on the run with Todd, both wanted criminals, and yet she is still trying to prove herself to be the person her family expected her to be. Read Full Bio


Amanda Brotzman

Amanda is free from her torturous days as a shut-in, free from the fear of her pararibulitis attacks, and free from her felonious-deadbeat-liar of a brother, Todd. Read Full Bio



Ken is a smart and measured computer hacker; and is extremely skilled in turning bad situations on their heads to work to his advantage. Read Full Bio



The abitious-yet-easily-perplexed Hugo Friedkin is now fully in charge of the reconstituted Blackwing, and even he’s more baffled in his new role. Read Full Bio