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Q&A: Hair Department Head Connie Agawin

Editor’s Note: We culled your questions from Facebook and Twitter for this week’s Q&A with a Dirk Gently crew member. This week, it’s head of the hair department, Connie Agawin.

1. Chris M. via Facebook: Is there a “method to the madness” with Bart’s hairstyles? Is she actually the toughest to maintain between shoots or is someone worse? (Btw, you and your team do a great job with everyone! 8-| (Y) )
Connie Agawin: Bart’s hair was evolved from where we last saw her first season. She’s been through a lot looking for Ken, so now there’s a bit more dirt and blood, and some of her braids might have come loose.


It’s really one of the easier hairstyles to maintain;  she has a styrofoam template head where I marked up sections where the buns and dreads go.

2. Mackenzie W.: Can you weigh in on last year’s #hairgate debate as to what color Dirk’s hair is? Auburn, brunette, mahogany, etc. ( has a chronicle of the debate)

It’s Not Hairgate If It’s Every Color
Submit what you think Dirk’s hair color is, and maybe we’ll get to the bottom of this.
CA: Wow!  I just spent an hour reading this and I feel like I barely scratched the surface. I would say he has medium brown hair with a slight warm undertone to it… at least in this season.

3. Sylvia L.: How long does it take to style Jade and Fiona’s hair and where do you get the inspiration? Both hairstyles are incredible.
CA: Jade wakes up and is pretty much perfect. Getting her ready for set takes only a few minutes. Fiona’s hair has great texture to it already, so it’s a good base to make messy and fun!

4. Hannah C.: Whose idea was it to give Amanda an undercut? Did Hannah suggest it? Or was it the styling team? 🙂

CA: That would be Max Landis’ idea. Definitely a badass, Rowdy 3 look! Hannah was a champ and so game in letting us drastically change her hair.

5. @lizzisgeek: Why everyone’s hair became darker this season?
CA: Amanda’s is darker to match her new punk rock haircut. Todd’s is his “disguise,” and Dirk is darker due to Blackwing lighting 😉


6. @iPlagueNetwork: A Bart hair tutorial would be appreciated for Halloween /Cons :p
CA: Her hair is so fun to do! I would suggest curling your hair with a small barrel, apply a heavier pomade or something greasy at the roots and backcomb into messy buns. Lightly dust with blood and dirt.

7. @Debalina_11: How did decide the hairstyles for each character? And who’s got the best hair on set?
It was a mixture of Max Landis,  Robert Cooper, the cast, and myself coming up with hairstyles that would be recognizable and maintainable throughout shooting. They all have such rad hair, but I think I had the most fun styling Vogel’s pompadour.

8. @Lady_Misfortune: Whose hair takes the longest to do?
CA: Panto’s hair took the longest. Christopher Russell has thick, dark hair that we had to disguise. The light pink color also faded quickly so we would had to refresh it every time. (It’s a mixture of diluted CHI pastel pink, JOICO rose, and CELEB LUXURY pastel light pink shampoo)


9. @psycholock: Do you take inspiration from something or someone for your hairstyles?
CA: Definitely! There were so many cool undercut ideas for Amanda’s look. Vogel’s was inspired by Japanese rockabillies and Elvis. Panto is your classic Disney prince.

10.  @AF_ElijahWood: What is @JadeEshete’s regimen for those thick, luscious locks of hers.
CA: I think she would be better at answering this question, Jade is so good at making sure her hair stays hydrated and healthy!

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