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Writer’s Room: Kyle & Kyle

Morehouse. Rarely seen without a drink.

Writer / Producer Kyle Bradstreet interviews Actor Kyle Schmid (Morehouse) – uncovering important truths behind the scenes of ‘Copper.’

Kyle Bradstreet: What is your favorite Morehouse scene so far in season two?

Kyle Schmid: I was shooting a scene in ____ and Morehouse was quite “Morehoused” at the time. ____ enters the scene while I’m ____ a terribly tone-deaf rendition of ____. As the scene unfolds, ____’s demeanor changes quite ____. It was a great opportunity to see his ____ and ____ under the Morehouse ____. The scene closes with ____. I absolutely loved it.

When was the last time you bled and / or cried?

KS: Morehouse doesn’t bleed blood, he bleeds whiskey. Morehouse doesn’t cry tears, he cries brandy into a cup and then takes them back in a shot.

Truthfully, the last time I bled, I think I was doing renos on my house and accidentally slammed my hand down on an exposed nail. The last time I cried, I was prepping for a scene in Episode 3 and got a little overwhelmed. Ultimately, the scene didn’t go in the direction I had anticipated, but the outlet was nice.

If our Copper characters were to stage an intervention, which character do you think would make the best argument for your addiction(s)?

KS: Which addictions? The booze, the drugs, the women or the facade? So many wonderful addictions, why the need for an intervention?

I think one of the most honest characters on the show is Matthew Freeman. At this point he’s been able to walk the most righteous path, and I think he is the complete opposite of Morehouse. So…screw him! He doesn’t know my pain! I think Corky would probably be able to relate most accurately to the heartache and torment that Morehouse feels bubbling under the surface.


If you were to graffiti one building, what would you write / paint?

KS: It would have to be the Morehouse mansion, and it would read: “PREPARE TO GET MOREHOUSED! COPPER SEASON TWO: PREMIERING JUNE 23RD, 2013!”

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