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Episode 10 Recap: A Vast and Fiendish Finale

Well Copperheads, we’ve spent an intense ten weeks in New York City, 1864, and last night was curtain call for Corky and his Five Points crew. The unflappable Detective Corcoran kicked off the series guns blazing in a Wild West-style Five Points shoot-out, so it seemed only fitting when our broken hero bowed out quietly last night, tearfully shooting up for the chance at one last drug-induced vision of his departed daughter. Guns and morphine – not exactly the healthiest cure-all for a brooding heart. Definitely worse than something you’d buy off the back of Bevell’s cure-all cart. But let’s start at the beginning of Corcoran’s downward spiral, shall we?

The mystery knocker from last week’s cliffhanger is revealed to be Robert Morehouse, demonstrating impeccably bad timing. Corcoran has maybe a minute to wrap his head around the ugly reality that his wife killed his daughter, before Morehouse saddles him with the task of saving New York City. You can see how Maguire’s accusation last week holds some weight – Kevin’s unwavering sense of duty to country tends to trump his own needs and the needs of his family. He left his wife and daughter to serve the Union army, and here again we see Corcoran leaving Ellen vulnerable in a crusade to protect his city. There’s a reason why most superheroes don’t have families.

So who leaves his whore to look after his wife? Kevin Corcoran, that’s who. Eva declares she’s “a whore, not a nursemaid,” but she could have fooled us. She sets orphan Annie straight – cut the crap kid, or you’ll end up alone – and offers a tortured Ellen the medicine she really needs – a crumb of forgiveness. “In my experience,” Eva tells Ellen, “true monsters feel no regret.” So does Eva consider herself a monster? Do you think Eva’s a monster? What say yee, Copperheads?

While Eva’s wife-sitting, Corcoran’s putting out fires. Literally! Turns out Robert Kennedy’s been operating a bustling Greek Fire factory right in Five Points, so the shipment was just a ruse to throw Corky and Robert off Kennedy’s skeevy scent. Using a few of his signature interrogation moves (faking deaths, breaking hands, holding witnesses at gunpoint) Corcoran pieces together Kennedy’s game plan: Burn Manhattan hotels and landmarks until the whole city turns ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Corcoran and his Sixth Precinct bros dump a bucket of water on the whole scheme, snuffing Kennedy’s blaze of glory. New York City stands tall another day.

And everyone lives happily ever after! Except not.

The Confederates didn’t burn everything down, but they definitely shook things up. Maguire’s seriously injured, shot in the chest, and his fate remains unknown. In the least enthusiastic act of heroism you’ve ever seen, Corcoran rescues his injured friend from a burning hotel. Will Maguire live to see 1865? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s clear Corcoran cares very little either way.

While Maguire’s fate hangs in the balance, Norbert Morehouse’s fate is sealed – he will be a shamed businessman, a failed father, and Atlanta’s newest problem. Norbert’s normally full of witty retorts, but this week his son has the last word. “You and I will never see one another again,” Robert tells his father. “Which, as far as I’m concerned, is still not long enough.” Ooh, burnnn.

Looks like things between Eva and Corcoran are cooling off – their sexcapades are on hiatus now that Ellen’s back in the picture. Any predictions on how long Corcoran holds out ’til he goes crawling back to Eva’s Paradise?

Five (More) Points

Orphan Annie’s Road to Redemption
…begins with a good foot massage.

Human Kindling
Robert, you have a wooden leg. Let someone else put out the fire, ‘kay?

Elizabeth Haverford: A Hoop Skirt Full of Secrets
Conspiring with terrorists? Oh no you didn’t, girl.

The Freemans: Doctor’s Orders
We don’t condone Sara buying toxic cure-alls, but it sure was fun watching the Doc kick the Bevel outta that poser.

Kevin Corcoran: 1865’s Fallen Hero?
The last three minutes of last night’s finale, brought to you by the brilliant Tom Weston-Jones. Watch and weep.

And that’s 1864, Copperheads! A big thanks to all the fans who made Copper successful – we were thrilled to have you along for the ride. See you in 2013 for another summer vacation to Five Points.

‘Til then, tare an’ouns!

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