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Writer’s Room: Kicking Off A Bar Brawl

Series writer Kevin Deiboldt reveals how one of ‘Copper”s most memorable bar brawls went from script to small screen.

I’ve noticed that a lot of folks absolutely loved the opening to episode four. Personally, it’s my favorite opening in the series – Kyle was able to kick it off (literally) with a truly memorable moment of excitement and absurdity. More often than not on television, scenes change from the page to the screen – whether through editing, staging or performance, it’s just part of of the collaborative process. The final version of the opening you saw ended up a bit shorter than it was on the page – but still carried the same *ooomph* as the original. (Although I do lament the loss of my favorite Morehouse line: “I can jockey a downtown whore just as well as either of you two needle-dicks…” ). Here’s a peek at the written version, for those interested:


Watch the scene from Copper below:

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