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‘Copper’ Soundcheck: The Music Guide

If you’ve been doing a jig to the Copper soundtrack, you can thank Brian Keene, the mastermind composer behind the show’s musical score. Keene is also responsible for the rousing Copper credits theme, a killer jam that deserves another listen:

In Episode 1, “Surviving Death,” Detective Kevin Corky’s early morning routine was set to the tune of “I Shall Not Walk Alone,” a somber, soulful number by the Blind Boys of Alabama. Listen and weep:

We’ve had more than a few inquiries about the music in our Copper extended trailer. The spot features the vocal stylings of Brit rocker Richard Hawley (profiled HERE by Anglophenia), singing “Leave Your Body Behind You.” Rage on:

And finally, a song that may come in handy on your next trip to the pub. In the premiere saloon scene, the patrons of Eva’s Paradise drank to the chorus of the popular Irish folk number “Lanigan’s Ball.” Learn the lyrics, and take a shot every time someone mentions Lanigan. (You’ll definitely have a ball.)

If you’re still craving searching for the perfect 1864-inspired chart topper, swing by Copper writer Kevin Dieboldt‘s blog, where he offers a playlist of copper and criminal hits.

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What songs belong on the Copper soundtrack? Sound off in the comments below!

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