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Three Cheers for ‘Copper’

The Copper press blitz continues, and we’re happy to report that Tom Weston-Jones is getting chart-topping cheers from TV Guide:

“Cheers to Tom Weston-Jones for his star-making turn in BBC America’s Copper. As an 1864 crime-buster, the MI-5 vet has a rough-hewn, Josh Holloway-esque charisma that won’t be lost on viewers.”

The good detective also stopped by Wired, to explain how the series…smells?

“[Copper] is incredibly vibrant and visceral,” TWJ explains. “I think you can smell the show when you watch it.” Very true. “Copper” does have a distinctly, uh, ripe, smell. Watch the full interview HERE.

TWJ isn’t the only Copper castmate feelin’ the love – Dylan Taylor chatted with The Morton Report recently about his role as the tough, but loveable Detective Andrew O’Brien.

Read Taylor’s full interview with The Morton Report HERE.

And that, Copperheads, is just a slice of all the Copper news that’s fit to print! Only one question: Is it Sunday yet?

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