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BUZZFEED: Examples Of Why Mugshots Were Way Cooler In The 1800s

From our partners at Buzzfeed: These days, pretty much everyone looks terrible or like a joke in their mugshots. Back in the nineteenth-century, they looked the same — but with a bit more style. And now you can emulate the exact same style with the Mugshot Yourself app, below—and then tune into Copper, premiering Sunday, August 19 at 10/9c to see criminals like these in action—only on BBC America.

1. Amy Gill
Amy Gill

With or without having committed a physical crime, Amy probably should’ve been locked up just for sporting that terrible weave. That being said, she also let some poor shopkeeper in Birmingham, England have it back in the late-1800s.

2. Alick Evan McGregor
Alick Evan McGregor

Alick—undoubtedly as a wayward youth back in the 1880s—spent a month in jail for larceny. Let’s just hope he was trying to steal a new shirt.

3. Aporo Paerata
Aporo Paerata

Aporo rubbed someone out in 1887 and sentenced to death, but his dashing looks must’ve gotten him a reprieve—he was later given life in prison instead.

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