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BUZZFEED: Cops Who You Wish Were Real

From our partners at Buzzfeed: These are the kinda cops who you’d want to go to if you had a crime needed solving (and NOT one as simple as who ate all the cat treats—we have a good idea of that). But, some might say they couldn’t do it quite as stylishly as coppers used to. To see ’em in action, check out the premiere of Copper, where Kevin Corcoran isn’t just the best of the best but does it in one of the most badass time periods: the 1860s in NYC. Premieres Sunday, August 19 at 10/9c only on BBC America.

1. Tubbs and Crockett (Miami Vice)

Tubbs and Crockett ("Miami Vice")

Due to the fact that these guys starred in a TV show, they probably have the most action under their belts here. Dealing primarily with the ugliest trades around—drug trafficking and prostitution—Tubbs and Crockett did it all and did it well. Not to mention their killer ’80s fashion.

2. Sheriff Ed Tom Bell (No Country for Old Men)

Sheriff Ed Tom Bell ("No Country for Old Men")

Though he’s only the sheriff of a small town in Texas, Tom Bell gets inadvertently involved in a war between Mexican drug lords, American conspirators, a bounty hunter… you know, that kind of thing.

3. Scully and Mulder (The X-Files)

Scully and Mulder ("The X-Files")

These two are perhaps the bravest on this list, because not only were they dealing with crimes and mysteries to be solved—but they were dealing with the supernatural and the bizarre. That is a LOT to be dealing with on the daily.

4. Detective John Luther (Luther)

Detective John Luther ("Luther")

John Luther might be the most intense on this list—whether or not that’s always a good thing is debatable, but his results speak for themselves. Sometimes you just have to be a little psycho and obsessive in order to get the job done. Don’t judge.

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