Season 1 — Episode 5

Episode 5

As Hardy and Ellie come under fire, the people of Broadchurch start to turn against each other.

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Full Recap

Late night on the High Street: Tom is acting as Danny in the police reconstruction. It seems the whole town is there, to offer their support.

Hardy and Ellie haven’t yet identified the owner of the burnt boat, but another interesting detail has emerged – the piece of evidence that Jack handed over doesn’t tally with Ellie’s knowledge about Danny possessions. She knows that this item isn’t what they are looking for – they have to keep searching.

Olly has offered to take Karen out on his boat, but he finds it has been nicked – is it the one that was burnt?

Olly and Karen work on an article for The Herald about Jack’s past. It is good – fair and even-handed. Yet the next morning, when they read the paper, it has been re written to be provocative and insinuating. The Herald are proffering Jack as the local paedophile – with no evidence to back it up.

Jack is besieged, and the police can offer little protection.