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Woah, woah, woahhh. What’s going on here? (Instagram)

At first glance, one might think David Beckham is starring in an action film with him sprinting across pipes, climbing over industrial structures and scaling scaffolding but it turns out the newly retired footballer was spotted sporting his spryness at the latest shoot for the H&M underwear line.

So, if you buy H&M “pants” you’ll have super-athletic abilities too. Right?

Beckham shows off that he still has the “skills to pay the bills” below:

Beckham is hooked in and ready to go …  (AP)
… he makes his way over the piping. (AP)
Slow and easy there. (AP)
Streeeeeeetch. (AP)
Are those shoes with dirty feet on the bottom? Oh, the things we learn. (AP)
He's up. He's made it. He's safe. Phew. (AP)
He’s up. He’s made it. He’s safe. Phew. (AP)

What do you think of these bum-double rumors, does it really matter? 

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By Brigid Brown