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Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman at the 'Doctor Who' prom
Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman at the 'Doctor Who' prom
Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman at the ‘Doctor Who’ prom

In July, the BBC put together a startlingly good concert of Doctor Who related music (and mayhem) as part of its annual season of Proms in the Royal Albert Hall. The entire show was recently aired on BBC TV, which allows us to bring you some delightful clips.

Clips like this, in which Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman lark about behind the scenes:

And this, showing the arrival of the monsters:

Yes, we wish we’d been there as well.

Here’s what else is going on in space and time this week:

• Did you see Paul McGann’s audition tape for the role of the Eighth Doctor? Here it is again:

And here’s our detailed analysis of the clip.

Robbie Williams and the time he was nearly cast as the Doctor (in a BBC animated web drama).

• Den of Geek has a transcription of a fascinating event in which Philip Hinchcliffe, Doctor Who producer during the Fourth Doctor’s era, explained how he did his job.

• Did you hear the one about Scott Bakula of Quantum Leap and Star Trek: Enterprise nearly being cast as the Sheriff in “A Town Called Mercy?” You did now.

The Telegraph spotted Matt Smith enjoying a spot of lunch with Peter Capaldi. Probably sharing TARDIS tips.

• Eleven Doctor Who companions What Culture would like to befriend.

• Doctor Who meets Minecraft, because EVERYTHING will be on Minecraft eventually:

• Details of the Ninth Doctor’s contribution to this year’s monthly eBook series have been released. The book is called The Beast of Babylon and has been written by the comedian and author Charlie Higson, who had this to say: “I grew up with Doctor Who and have always been a massive fan so it’s a great honor to be involved in this anniversary celebration. Russell T Davies did a great job of rebooting the series with Christopher Eccleston so to be able to write the Ninth Doctor story was a great opportunity to say thanks to the Doctor and thanks to Russell.”

• Speaking of Mr Davies, here’s a clip from Dr Forever! The Unquiet Dead – taken from the Special Edition DVD of The Green Death, in which Russell and Jane Tranter, the former BBC Controller of Drama, discuss the queasy meeting that lead to the relaunch of the show:

• Peter Capaldi is officially the third most influential person over 50 years old, according to the website High50.

• The 25 funniest lines in Doctor Who (according to What Culture).

• Five fantastic moments from the Ninth Doctor.

• 50 Whovian couples will get married on November 23rd, to coincide with the 50th Anniversary. Expect a decent gap during the speeches to watch the anniversary special.

• Jenna Coleman, Billie Piper, Freema Agyeman, Karen Gillan, Alex Kingston, Catherine Tate, and Jessica Raine (from “Hide”) are competing in this year’s Anglo Fan Favorites women’s tournament.

• William Hartnell’s departure, and therefore the Doctor’s first regeneration, was not originally in the script for The Tenth Planet, although the Cybermen definitely were.

Here’s the moment, recreated in animation for the DVD release:

• Also, if you’re considering buying the DVD of The Tenth Planet (details here), you’ll also get a filmed interview with William from 1967 – shortly after leaving Doctor Who – the only one in existence, discovered in a regional news archive in 2009. The Mirror has the story (and some amazing pictures).

• Let’s go out as we came in, with a musical number. Here’s Murray Gold’s specially-composed 50th anniversary piece, “Song for 50” from the Doctor Who prom:


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By Fraser McAlpine