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We end it just to do it all over again: after whittling down 32 Anglophile fan favorites to one supreme champion in our men’s tournament — congrats again, Tom Hiddleston — we now celebrate those fierce goddesses of the British Isles who set the Internet ablaze. This year’s group of talented women contains some familiar faces and some promising upstarts who are sure to make this an unpredictable event.

Last year, who knew Katie McGrath, star of BBC’s fantasy drama Merlin, would stand victorious above names like Karen Gillan, Maggie Smith, and runner-up Helena Bonham Carter? (This year, McGrath is poised to make a big U.S. splash on NBC’s Dracula opposite Jonathan Rhys Meyers.) Is she a shoo-in for a repeat win?

Perhaps Maisie Williams or Samantha Barks could be the next unlikely champion. Or will this finally be the year that JK Rowling, Emma Watson or Dame Maggie Smith takes the trophy?

The rules remain the same: we start with 32 contestants, and each week you’ll vote for winners in a round of matchups, narrowing down the field until we have one woman left — the Anglo Fan Favorites Woman of 2013. Vote hourly to make sure your favorites move on to the next round.

Campaign on your social networks, proselytize, and most importantly VOTE! Round 1 voting ends Thursday, September 5 at 11 am ET.

FIRST: JK Rowling vs. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

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