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'Sherlock' fans in London (Photo: Tiia Öhman)
'Sherlock' fans in London (Photo: Tiia Öhman)
‘Sherlock’ fans in London (Photo: Tiia Öhman)

There are certain things that are guaranteed to get a Twitter-inspired gang of fans out on the streets of Britain in their droves, camera phones in hand – and to a list that includes Doctor Who in April and One Direction yesterday, we can now add Sherlock.

In the internet age, it’s practically impossible to keep details of the filming of a particular show secret from its fanbase — particularly when it’s one as fervent as Sherlock‘s — so when word got out that filming of the Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman-starring drama’s third season was moving from Cardiff back to London today, mobilization was swift, aided by the #SETLOCK hashtag.

At the time of writing, filming isn’t even scheduled to start for another few hours — yet hundreds of eager “Sherlockians” have already gathered in Bloomsbury’s Gower Street, which doubles as Sherlock’s home of Baker Street in the series (the real Baker Street, an extremely busy thoroughfare, would be impossible to close to allow filming to take place).

This relatively recent phenomenon of crowds gathering to watch a TV show filming on location is generally taken in its stride by production crews, who now turn up armed with security crews and barriers for just such an occurrence, and seem happy to continue so long as shooting isn’t interfered with. Whether the crowd will be able to remain quiet when a certain Mr. Cumberbatch actually arrives on set, however, is a different matter…

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By Seb Patrick