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There is not one of us that hasn’t watched Sherlock and wondered what we would do if we were faced with the sort of taxing intellectual dilemmas that commonly occur on the show – two identical pills, one poison, one not, that’s the same as buying an egg sandwich from a street vendor and hoping to avoid gastric trouble, right? Yeah, we’ve all be there.

So, here’s quiz that might help sort the swaggering detectives from the game sidekicks. And to make matters more exciting, there are six possible Sherlock characters to play for, but we’re not going to tell you which ones until you have played the quiz.

Any decent Sherlock should be able to deduce the full list at any rate. Or you can play the whole thing six times and find out that way, if you’re more of a Lestrade.

Now meet the real-life Sherlock Holmes. No, really.

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By Fraser McAlpine