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This weekend sees Doctor Who take a leap into full costume, lanyard and tongue-tied eye-bulge-squee mode, with the first official Doctor Who Convention, taking place in Cardiff. The event will be attended by such notable Who luminaries as Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Steven Moffat, as well as members of the crew, special effects supervisors and, well, us.

We’re going to be live-blogging the event, bringing you pics of the costumes, news from the panel discussions, and maybe a few interviews with the show’s stars. It won’t be quite the same as being there, but hopefully we’ll be able to give you a decent flavor of all the goings-on from a fan’s eye view.

Details of all the discussions and tours and whatnot are available at

Here’s what else is going on in time and space this week:

Here’s a lovely story concerning the writer Grant Gordon’s memories of being obsessed with Janet Fielding – who played stroppy Australian Tegan Jovanka, the Fifth Doctor’s companion – and the impact this had on his struggling father, who was determined to get his son a meeting with his idol, against worrying odds.

• Speaking of lovely, can we introduce you to Valentine Dewalt? This plucky two-year-old loves dressing up, and so, with a little help from her mommy and daddy, has begun tweeting pictures of herself (@whobabby) dressed as all eleven of the Doctors. She’s even branching out into companions and other notable Whovian characters, like Captain Jack and the Brigadier.

Here’s our current favorite: The Sixth Doctor, in all his preening glory.

• With the 50th anniversary looming large, one recurring thought is that there will be a way to bring back the previous Doctors (or, at least, those incarnations played by actors who are still with us) into a modern adventure. And if there is a plan for this kind of thing to happen, it should be noted that Paul McGann, the Eighth Doctor, is more than keen.

He told Digital Spy: “Being Doctor Who, there’s always anniversaries looming large – celebration programs and episodes. I’m often asked, if they get the five Doctors together, would you do it?’ and of course, I’d do it. They’ve just got to ring me up!

Although I was [in] Doctor Who for six weeks, sixteen years ago, it never goes away – it only ever seems to get stronger.”

• Part of the brilliance of Doctor Who comes down to location, location, location. The sleepy West Sussex village of Albourne was cast as the locale for the Third Doctor story, The Daemons. Katy Manning (Jo Grant) and Damaris Hayman (Miss Hawthorne) share some memories from this shoot. (Own The Daemons on DVD.)

• We’re coming towards the end of our roundup of the Doctor’s companions this week. Friday’s post will be about Craig Owens, and that’ll be that. However, don’t wander off before you’ve read all about the Second Doctor’s special friend Victoria Waterfield.

• A sad but touching story of Doctor Who fandom: a 27-year-old dying of cancer has one last request: to have his ashes placed in a custom TARDIS urn. More on this from the Doctor Who Tumblr.

• Another week, another feat of musical prowess from a Whovian. This time YouTube user SaphireRain42 has performed Murray Gold‘s Eleventh Doctor theme “I Am the Doctor,” complete with all of its urgent strings and piano:

• And this might be the sexiest Wholock video yet, featuring the lovely ladies of both Who and Sherlock:

• Technically this isn’t a Doctor Who post at all, but OMG HAVE YOU SEEN OTTERS WHO LOOK LIKE BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH?

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