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We’re back with our first post-Oscar nominations Brit List, our weekly look at all the Britishness that’s bubbling up in pop culture. This week, the Screen Actors Guild awards give us a strong predictor of how the acting Oscars will stack up, a former Beatle releases a new album, and the son of a Beatle makes his U.S. TV debut.

We’re counting down from No. 10…

10. Man on a Ledge star Sam Worthington on Conan

This week, the hulking star went head-to-head with the brightest tuft of orange hair on this side of the Atlantic, all in promotion of his new thriller Man on the Ledge. Worthington, who was born in England but transplanted to Australia (hence the accent), stars in the forthcoming Wrath of the Titans and has signed on for two Avatar sequels.

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