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A couple of weeks ago, we asked Anglophenians to vote on your favorite moment from the last season of Doctor Who. Having compiled the votes, just in time for Nerdist Week, we are now proud to present, in reverse order, your best bits from an extraordinary series.

5: Rory Punches Hitler (Let’s Kill Hitler)

Not just a revenge fantasy on one of the most spectacularly evil men to have ever drawn breath, but an exercise in icononclastic humour to boot. Which of us wouldn’t love to get the chance to say “shut up Hitler, and get in the cupboard,” once in a while?

4: “All Those Boys Chasing Me, But It Was Only Ever Rory” (The Girl Who Waited)

And finally, dedicated Rory gets his moment of appreciation. Never mind that Amy has effectively said he’s not a looker, or answered an unasked question about what he’s doing with her when she could have had the pick of all the really attractive boys; we just have to scoot past that to get to the meat of the sentiment, which is that his beautiful heart is hers, and she knows what a gift it is.

3: Stormageddon (Closing Time)

In which the Doctor offers a baby a pep talk on life, and reveals his own deep concerns about mortality. A beautiful moment.

2: River Song Reveal (A Good Man Goes To War)

The backwards/forwards/upside/left nature of time-travel is revealed in all its helter-skelter glory, when it turns out that River Song, the Doctor’s good lady friend, is actually Amy and Rory’s lost daughter Melody Pond. Some people did guess that this was the case, but the way it played out, well that was rather good, wasn’t it?


Ah Rory, how we will miss you when you leave the TARDIS in 2012. Here, the once-bumbling nurse turned superhero centurion faces an entire cyberman army and wins, and all because he wants to find Amy. To call this clip satisfying doesn’t even come close to capturing the giddy thrill of watching a mousy man finding his inner lion. Forgive the pun, but they don’t call him Roary for nothing.

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By Fraser McAlpine