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 Does Kate Middleton remind Prince William of a woman from his past, namely his nanny? And was William’s father, Prince Charles, attracted to Camilla Parker Bowles for the same reason?

The Daily Mail‘s Ticky Hedley-Dent (heh) suggests that “both father and son have ended up marrying women who look remarkably like their childhood nannies.” (Wait a minute there, Ricky Ticky Tavi. As much as we view the William/Kate nuptials as a sure bet, no vows have been exchanged just yet.)

Hedley-Dent writes: “For the Prince of Wales, it was Mabel Anderson — the daughter of an Essex policeman &mdash who took up the post of royal nanny in 1949 and lovingly looked after all the Queen’s children.

“For Prince William, the lady in ­question was Tiggy Legge-Bourke, ­nicknamed Tiggy for her love of Beatrix Potter‘s hedgehog Mrs Tiggy-Winkle. She became William and Harry‘s nanny in 1993 during a very traumatic period of their young lives.”

That traumatic period, of course, was the pending split between Charles and Princess Diana.

The so-called “resemblance” between Legge-Bourke and Kate Middleton is a bit of a stretch, but Mabel and Camilla share a strong likeness. The 83-year old Mabel Anderson is still a loyal friend to the royal family and even summered with the Queen this year.

In other royal wedding news:

– 79 percent of Britons think the William and Kate’s engagement is “good for the monarchy,” according to a survey reported by CNN.

– British workers have reason to be thankful for the royal wedding: they’ll get a day off work for it, reports BBC NEWS. Prime Minister David Cameron says whatever date the young couple selects as their wedding day will be declared “a bank holiday so the country can enjoy a ‘day of national celebration.'” Plus, as The Daily Mail adds, “If the wedding is held on a Saturday, workers will have either the Friday or the Monday off as well.”

Very clever there, Dave. I have a suggestion for President Obama if he wants to ensure his re-election in 2012: Americans get a day off for the Nick Lachey/Vanessa Minnillo nuptials. Make it happen, Barack!

– Here’s another way that the royal wedding is helping the everyday worker: The Mirror reports that William and Kate lookalikes are “cashing in on a sudden surge in demand – by doubling their fees.”

– British designer Phillipa Lepley is the bookie’s favorite to design Kate’s wedding gown, reports.

– Royal watchers are speculating that Westminster Abbey will be the wedding venue after Kate was snapped leaving the church earlier this week. BBC looks into why this iconic structure could be “the ultimate royal wedding venue.”

– Have a look inside the Kenyan hut where the Prince reportedly proposed to Kate. The Sun reports, “The stark cabin in which the lovebirds stayed – near another occupied by the Prince’s detectives – was little more than a basic hut and had no electricity. But 28-year-old Wills, who adores the retreat as it is so inaccessible and private, chose it as the perfect place to slip his mother’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring on Kate’s finger.”

– Oh, dear: Charles Mosley, former editor of the aristocratic reference book Burke’s Peerage, says Middleton isn’t upper-class enough to wed William. “Her mother comes from a long line of Durham County miners. Although the coal miners used to be the ruling class in this country — Stalin described them as the aristocracy of the working class — I don’t think it’s suitable.” (Daily Mail)

– There’s been a 250-year tradition in the English town of Abingdon of throwing buns (!) off the County Hall Museum to celebrate royal occasions. But, due to building work, the bun toss may not get off the ground for the William/Kate wedding. (BBC)

by Kevin Wicks

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.