• As a vampire who loves humanity, John Mitchell leads a conflicted life. He was a leader of men in World War One, but a meeting with Herrick on the battlefield soon ended his human life and turned him into a blood-thirsty vampire. From that moment on his life became dominated by blood lust. At first it was a game, running wild with Herrick, seducing, killing and "drinking." As Herrick's right hand man, he experienced, and reveled in, a very dark past that earned him a legendary status in the vampire world.

    Things changed in the '60s when Mitchell fell in love with Josie and found conscience had started to return. Instead of fearing him, Josie showed Mitchell the route back to humanity and gave him the push he needed to fight the cravings for the first time in nearly 50 years. There was only one problem—Josie was human, and like all humans she aged, while Mitchell stayed the same, which ultimately doomed their relationship.

    Now the connection that touches Mitchell deeper than any other is the bond with Annie and George. Through their chance meeting they've shown Mitchell more humanity, and shared more problems as equals (and supernaturals), than any who came before them.