Hal (Damien Molony)


  • Once a fearsome killer, posh vampire Hal turned his life around in 1955 when he met a werewolf, Leo, and ghost, Pearl. His new friends managed to tame him, and together they become the first known example of a vampire, ghost and werewolf living peacefully under one roof.

    Living a 'normal' life is not easy for Hal. He has to follow strict rules to keep his blood-lust at bay, including keeping away from people as much as possible. For over half a century, he had his friends to keep an eye on him and stop him from losing control. But werewolves don't have the same long lifespan as vampires, and eventually Lou reaches the end of his road, and Pearl follows him to the afterlife. Hal moves into Honolulu Heights at Lou's request; his concerned friend hoping that having another ghost and werewolf around might keep Hal out of trouble.

    Annie and Tom disrupt Hal's life completely. For the first time in decades, Hal must adjust to an unpredictable environment. He does his best to keep his cravings under control, but the changes to his routine may prove too much for him to handle.