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What better way to boost your mood than to scroll through a gallery of British bulldogs. Today marks Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day (April 21), and while they can do no wrong in our eyes, the British beauties can get in moods too. Like us, Bulldogs have a whole range of emotions including grumpy, playful, shy, and even the mood to don fancy dress:

1. Well, you know what, we’d be bummed too if our favorite toy broke:

2. This bullie is feeling much friendlier: 

3. Who doesn’t want an ice pop when peckish? 

4. This nature lover is in the mood for some fresh air: 

5. This guy’s in the mood for a kip: 

6. #WillietheBulldog fancies a kiss:

7. Oliver is giving us coy:

8. Where does the bed sheet end and this bullie begin? He’s feeling playful. 

9. Gertrude is wearing her favorite hat out, no matter what anyone says:  

(Jamie Acevedo)

10. This guy’s in the mood for a staring contest—we need to know: who won?

It’s okay, it’s your day, you can be in whatever beaut of a mood you like!

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By Brigid Brown