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Lord Sugar comes across as less abrasive than his U.S. counterpart. (BBC)

A British version of an American television show holds the #2 spot on BBC1.

What’s on: The Apprentice
What is it: There are plenty of British shows that have been remade in the U.S. But this time around, Mark Burnett’s The Apprentice has been Britished up. Originally the UK version was described as the “job interview from hell” where the contestants competed to win a job at one host Lord Sugar’s companies. The show is in its ninth season and has switched things up with the winner going into business with Sugar and winning a £250,000 investment in the business of the winner’s choice.
Air-date: February 16, 2005 – present on BBC1
Who’s watching: 7.69 million Brits
Why so popular: This show is so popular in the UK many Brits don’t even realize it originated in the U.S. The format is fun and interesting to see how people handle the tasks thrown at them whether it involves taking one for the team and dressing up in sumo suits to illustrate conflict in the workplace or mastering the mathematics behind calculating the proper proportions in manufacturing beer. A success story is great … an epic failure is even better.
American counterpart: … this one is easy, Donald Trump’s The Apprentice on NBC.

The trailer leading up to this year’s season has some great zingers in it but really … that’s all. We don’t see the incoming cast or Sugar himself but we definitely get an earful with the host and contestants zapping back and forth ultimately filling up the empty office with their words. Watch, below:

The trailer was a fun way to build a little suspense but the BBC finally came clean and let us in on the new contestants releasing not just one, but two, trailers revealing the cast. This season’s group is really shy! Here’s a look at the first trailer:

Haha, we tricked you. They are not shy at all! Did you watch? The contestants describe themselves in such fantastic ways like, “I have pedigree. I have education. Class and sophistication. I have many fingers in many pies and as many talents as I have fingers.”  … just ten talents? We jest. Take a peek at the rest of the contestants, below:

The preview for the first episode gives us a glimpse on how the boys work together. Watch, below:

The preview for episode two doesn’t go much smoother with the team of contestants’ consistent miscalculations. Watch, below:

To round out the video clips, let’s take a look at some of Lord Sugar’s funnier moments like when he asks a contestant, “Have you had any handsome attacks today?” Watch, below:

Fans are taking a seat in the boardroom via Twitter:

Cringe-worthy or not, this show is a fan favorite:

Annnd, we get some answers from The Apprentice:

What version do you prefer?

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By Brigid Brown