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When it comes to looking fabulous, Victoria Beckham certainly knows a thing or two. The English fashion designer and gorgeous mother of three young boys is always dressed to the nines while keeping her skin looking refreshed and aglow.

According to The Metro, Posh has revealed a few beauty secrets to Britain’s In Style magazine. She explains that she and her foxy husband David indulge in a few unusual treatments like “crystal energy” (Um, what in the heck is THAT?) and typically share in such regimens together.
But at the end of the day, aging gracefully is key.

“I have no problem with surgery at all but for me, it looks ridiculous when you have a face that looks 25 and a body that looks 65,” Posh said. “I think it’s much more modern to go for a more natural look. But ask me next year and that might change.”

Since coming to Hollywood three years ago, Beckham has also grown accustomed to receiving oxygen facials. Again, can you please explain this to the rest of the world, Vic?

by MacKenzie Wilson

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By MacKenzie Wilson