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 iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users have a couple of reasons to celebrate this holiday season. Both Doctor Who and Top Gear are releasing new apps in the iTunes store before Christmas, reports Broadcast (subscribers only).

The Doctor Who: Mazes of Time app is billed as “an action puzzle adventure, aimed at players aged six and up, in which Amy and the Doctor race to save a family which had been attacked by a rogue Dalek.”

Meanwhile, the Top Gear: Stunt School app is “a mission-based driving game, in 3D, in which players can build their own car, complete challenges and tap into a social network to compete against others around the world.”

And for those tiny touchpad fingers, BBC Worldwide is releasing Teletubbies: My First App for kids two and up.

Patiently waiting for Verizon to get the iPhone in 2011…

Which apps are you most likely to buy this season?

by Kevin Wicks

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.