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Actress Lynn Redgrave, twice Oscar-nominated actress and sister of Vanessa Redgrave, has died of breast cancer at age 67. This has been a rough year for the Redgrave acting dynasty. As BBC NEWS notes, “Redgrave’s older brother Corin died last month and her niece Natasha Richardson died from head injuries following a skiing accident just over a year ago.”

Like most 1980s kids, I knew her from her Weight Watchers commercials before I ever knew her iconic movie roles:

More on Lynn:

Obituaries from The Guardian, BBC NEWS, The New York Times, and The Los Angeles Times.

Film critic Jay Stone speaks of a memorable meeting with Ms. Redgrave back in 1996, when the actress was in the midst of a career comeback with Shine.

The Daily Mail‘s Geoffrey Wansell: “In reality, Lynn Redgrave was a serious, sometimes over-thoughtful actress, who disliked the celebrity given by her family’s name, but she was also very much aware that it helped her create a reputation.”

The Independent‘s David Lister: “Lynn had a personality so welcoming, fresh and charming that it stood out in a family that could be suspicious of outsiders.”

The Los Angeles TimesCharles McNulty: “Of all the illustrious acting Redgraves, she was the most accessible, the one we could easily identify with, maybe even imagine taking out to lunch. Vanessa Redgrave, her older sister, has always been loftier, less compromising, an artist and an activist on a grave mission. To Vanessa’s tragically unbending Antigone, Lynn was the levelheaded Ismene, the sibling not built for radical extremes, who preferred everyday humanity to the glories of myth.”

Entertainment Weekly‘s Dave Karger spoke with Vanessa Redgrave last week and says, “It was clear she was in a melancholy mood, telling me from London, ‘At the moment I’m sitting on the stoop outside my daughter-in-law’s home and looking at a very misty full moon.’ I can only hope that her surviving family members will give her strength in such an unimaginably difficult time.”

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By Kevin Wicks
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