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  • Departing Doctor Who star David Tennant will host PBS’ Masterpiece Contemporary starting in the fall, reports The Hollywood Reporter. Tangent: Tennant needs to stop allowing people to take candid photos of him with his eyes bulging like that. See above link.

  • Men Behaving Badly star Martin Clunes hits back at John Cleese‘s comments about the state of British sitcoms: “John Cleese certainly hasn’t made any good comedy since the ’80s! Isn’t it curious how successful people only think there’s only success in their day? There’s a lot of it about, unfortunately.”(The Sun)
  • Are Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson the next couple to split? Not so, say their relatives.
  • Could Madness be the savior of Amy Winehouse?(Mirror)
  • Leave the poor woman alone: the British tabloids continue to attack Susan Boyle‘s appearance. “Singing sensation Susan Boyle gives a flash of her talent yesterday – as she appears to have forgotten to wear a bra. The BGT star’s unsightly light pink shirt gaped open when she left home, revealing the side of her breast.”
  • The Daily Mail is being equally as catty toward Leona Lewis: “The ‘Bleeding Love’ singer, famous for her trademark radiance, appeared a little worn down as she picked up a coffee in Hollywood before heading to the studio. With no make up and unkempt hair, she looked a far cry from the glamorous star who is always praised for her poise, polish, and sophistication. And suggestions by tabloid magazines that she has put on weight were borne out by a rather unflattering pair of black leggings.”
  • Is Welsh hottie Steve Jones dating Heroes star Hayden Panettiere?(The Sun)
  • Robert Pattinson and Rachel Weisz will co-star alongside Hugh Jackman in Madeleine Stowe‘s directorial debut, Unbound Captives. As Variety reports, it’s about “a woman (Weisz) whose husband is killed and her two children kidnapped by a Comanche war party in 1859. She is rescued by a frontiersman, to be played by Jackman. Pattinson will play the son.”
  • Slumdog Stunner: Freida Pinto is one of L’Oréal’s new faces.(Daily Mail)
  • Nicole Kidman has pulled out of Woody Allen‘s latest London movie, which co-stars Pinto. I don’t know who’s the winner or the loser here, Kidman or Allen.(Variety)
  • Here’s continued gorgeousness from the world’s most gorgeous couple.(Daily Mail)
  • Grey Anatomy‘s Kevin McKidd and Doctor Who sidekick Michelle Ryan will co-star in One Night In Emergency, “the story of one man’s surreal search for his wife in an inner-city hospital.”(Daily Record)
  • Was there a “smear campaign” to stop Nobel Prize-winning poet Derek Walcott from taking a professor gig at Oxford?(The Sun)
  • Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan has “suspected gastroenteritis,” and a big Athens tour date has been cancelled.(BBC)
  • Ex-Pulp lead singer Jarvis Cocker is reviewing singles for The Guardian: he loves T.I.’s “Whatever You Like” (Cocker: “I have no idea who T.I. is or what ‘T.I.’ stands for [he certainly doesn’t wear a tie] but he’s written a winner here”) and hates The Killers’ “The World We Live In” (Cocker: “This is so bad it actually made me feel sorry for them for a minute.”)
  • An English church unveils “Jesus in Jeans.” They are quite ill-fitting.(Telegraph)
  • Look, Britons can be oblivious and uneducated, too: “Nine out of 10 adults knew the names of the Beckhams‘ three children, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz, but less than half knew John Major was Prime Minister during the first Gulf War. “(Telegraph)
  • Scottish singer-songwriter Paolo Nutini “sounds as though he has spent a lifetime picking cotton in America’s Deep South, rather than 22 years as the scion of a 100-year-old Glasgow fish and chip shop dynasty.” OK, Daily Telegraph, there’s a way of saying Paolo has been influenced by black music without bringing “cotton-picking” into the equation.
  • Britain’s Got Talent contestant Shaun Smith – the tremendously mediocre singer whom the judges praised this past weekend – says he didn’t think he was good enough to try out for X Factor. Thankfully, his self-appraisal is more accurate than Simon Cowell‘s judgment of him.(Telegraph)
  • A man accused of murdering two French students also attempted to burglarized the home of EastEnders star Laila Morse (Big Mo).(The Times)
  • Anglophenia fave Idris Elba, the incredibly hot actor who played Stringer Bell on The Wire, has begun a music career under the pseudonym Driis. He calls his work “a hybrid [of] everything from drum ‘n’ bass to jazz.” (NME)
  • “Sexual terrorist” Russell Brand is allegedly having “rabbit sex” with Playboy bunny (and Dancing with the Stars disaster) Holly Madison (a.k.a. the dollar-store version of Gwen Stefani).(The Sun)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.