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  • Daniel Radcliffe suffers from dyspraxia, a neurological disorder that affects coordination and, in severe cases, “can make it difficult to walk up and down stairs or run, hop, jump, or kick a ball.” A neurologist tells The Daily Mail: “He clearly suffers from a mild form, but the fact he shows no sign of it at all is a great tribute to his acting skills and makes him a role model for other people with this condition.”

  • Daniel and his 5 o’clock shadow attract chorus girls.(Daily Mail)
  • The new Harry Potter film has been pushed to Summer ’09 so as not to coincide with Daniel Radcliffe‘s nude performance in Equus. Or so says The Sun: “Studio chiefs do not want Radcliffe’s saucy grown-up image to be associated with his innocent boy wizard alter ego.”
  • Amy Winehouse looked “ravaged” and “sported a very dirty hand” after returning home from the V Festival, where she performed over two nights.(Daily Mail)
  • Sacha Baron Cohen, girlfriend Isla Fisher, and their baby make merry on the beach.(Daily Mail)
  • Lily Allen claims her new album is in limbo due to EMI.(BBC)
  • An apologetic Jade Goody has entered the Indian Big Brother house.(BBC)
  • Ugly Betty‘s Alan Dale has joined the cast of the British sitcom, Moving Wallpaper, which also stars Primeval‘s Ben Miller.(BBC)
  • Annie Lennox is recuperating from spinal surgery; she had been having back spasms.(BBC)
  • A character from Coronation Street is returning after 42 years!(BBC)
  • Morrissey is discouraging fans from buying his live DVD, a “slapdash release” by Warner Music, the singer says.(Guardian)
  • Mark Ronson gets off a brilliant comeback to Noel Gallagher‘s comment that he needs to “learn three chords on the guitar and write a tune, instead of ruining everyone else’s.” Ronson responds, “I’m actually taking guitar lessons from Jay-Z right now and he’s already taught me both chords to ‘Wonderwall.’ In fact, it’s so much fun having Jay teach me all of Noel’s songs on the guitar (hooray!) that I’m thinking of doing an Oasis/Jay-Z remix album [like Danger Mouse‘s Grey Album]. Potential titles are ‘Champagne Superhova’ or ‘Definitely Jay-Z.’ I’ll keep you posted.”(Guardian)
  • An article from The Guardian‘s Steven Wells about how immigration could save British rock ‘n roll. I find the following section problematic and sorta imperialistic in a “White Man’s Burden” sort of way: “An entire generation of developing world youth would be removed from the cockpit of religious fundamentalism (presuming they don’t make the hideous mistake of moving to the American bible belt) and would be exposed to the irresistible distractions of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. They would be won over forever to the light side of the force (the enlightenment, liberalism, atheism, sexual permissiveness, punk rock, disco dancing, ice cream, real ale, books, puppy dogs, and all that good stuff).”
  • Despite featuring Heath Ledger‘s final performance, Terry Gilliam‘s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus still can’t lock down U.S. distribution. “In this market, unless I have a reason to think a movie like this is going to be a slam dunk I’m not going to take a flyer on it, even with Heath Ledger,” says an unnamed distributor.(Guardian)
  • Gavin & Stacey stars Ruth Jones and Rob Brydon could get a Christmas No. 1 with their version of Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers‘ “Islands in the Stream,” which they’ll release as a Comic Relief single.(The Sun)
  • Maybe Amy Winehouse’s scabby cheeks got him all hot and bothered?: Gavin & Stacey lead Mathew Horne was all Horned up at the V Festival. (Mirror)
  • Billie Piper has had a perspiration problem on the set of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl. “When I am playing Belle I have to play a sexually liberated, empowered young prostitute but unfortunately I felt like a sweating sea cow!”(The Sun)
  • Torchwood: Children of Earth is the name of the third season?(Guardian)
  • The next season of Torchwood will be directed by Euros Lyn (director of several Doctor Who episodes) and will include writing from Who staffer James Moran. (Den of Geek)
  • A third series of Gavin & Stacey is still up in the air, says James Corden: “We won’t rule it out but we are working on a Christmas special now.” He adds that he wants Philip Seymour Hoffman to play Smithy in the U.S. version, which is being written by Sex and the City alums.(Digital Spy)
  • An excerpt from Dragons’ Den star Duncan Bannatyne‘s book on how to “make money and change your life.”(Daily Record)
  • Bannatyne admits he’s had his eyes done – twice. “The Bannatynes have bags under their eyes like John Prescott,” he quipped.(Mirror)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.