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Well, Amy Winehouse‘s parents-in-law, Giles and Georgette Fielder-Civil, took to the airwaves to issue a statement about the singer’s drug addiction. Speaking on Radio Five Live, the couple urged fans to stop buying her music until Amy has completed a drug rehab program. They pleaded with Amy’s record company to force the singer to commit to recovery. BBC has the full transcript, and here are some of their quotes. Giles Fielder-Civil said:

“We would urge Amy’s fans to send a message to Amy that her addiction and her behaviour is not acceptable.

“Perhaps its time to stop buying records. It’s a possibility to send that message. Because by doing that, it affects the record company and then the record company may take notice.

“I believe the record company have a responsibility. They can either cease the contract and say: ‘Until you sort yourself out we’re not doing any more work together,’ or take responsibility and make the pair enter a proper rehabilitation unit where they can’t leave until they’re sorted out.

“Georgette and I believe strongly there should be no awards made for Amy… We shouldn’t be condoning her addiction by rewarding her with these awards. I know it’s for her music and that’s different, but we still need to send a message to the couple that what their [sic] doing is not acceptable.”

Giles also notes that “there are a lot of people that surround the couple who do have a vested interest. There is a saying that all publicity is good publicity.” This is an astute point. Yes, recovery has to be a personal choice, but when you have multibillion-dollar corporations acting as enablers, the choice becomes much more difficult. When stars go off the rails, it’s easy for record companies to sit back and hope the increase in column inches will lead to more dough at the register.

Airing your family’s dirty laundry over the radio is a touch unseemly, but the Fielder-Civils appear to genuinely care about their son and daughter-in-law’s well-being. If only Pete Doherty had similar people in his life…

In other news:

  • Speaking of Pete Doherty, he snubbed the Get Loaded In the Park festival, where he was scheduled to appear on Sunday.(NME)

  • Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders dress up as Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears for their latest series, A Bucket of French and Saunders. The Sun has photos.
  • Not everyone will take Lily Allen‘s crap lying down. When she pushed reggae singer Bobby Kray off stage during his set at the Notting Hill Carnival, he responded by pouring a pint of Guinness over her head. (The Sun)
  • Stereogum has the new Common video featuring Lily Allen as a sexy astronaut.
  • Madonna has hired a “manny” to look after her little Davey. The Mirror reports that the caretaker will face strict house rules: “The manny has been given specific instructions never to bring a girlfriend back to the house and not to bring home any women younger than 30. [Ed: I am SHOCKED that she’d hire a heterosexual.] She has also banned him from watching TV in the house, having a TV in his room, and reading newspapers or magazines at home.”
  • A simply fantastic interview with Siouxsie Sioux in The Times, in which she touches on everything from YouTube to the death of her father to the death of punk music.
  • Kelly Osbourne says she’s not dating that dude from Gym Class Heroes.(Mirror)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.