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  • Amy Winehouse must have found one of those newfangled, drive-thru rehab clinics because she’s walking around like nothing’s happened. What the hell? Apparently, Amy skipped out on her recovery program, and if The Mirror‘s exclusive report is correct, she and hubby Blake Fielder-Civil made a beeline to the pub. Yeah, this girl’s not long for this world.

  • Actor Jamie Bell one-ups Daniel Radcliffe in today’s Times: instead of showing his c*ck, he engages it in a full-fledged discussion. Yep, Billy Elliot’s all grown up, all right.
  • The McCartneys were in the Hamptons recently, but they went their separate ways: Paul rode a dinghy and chatted with his friend Christie Brinkley; Heather Mills shot pool with a “hunky” male companion.(Daily Mail)
  • So, David Beckham actually scored a goal in his first outing for the LA Galaxy (it was a free kick, of course, which is his specialty), but wife Victoria doesn’t seem too excited about it. Just Jared has more photos of the Beckhams during the match.
  • Is Geri Haliwell taking dieting advice from Ms. Beckham?(Daily Mail)
  • Reason #201 not to trust Dannii Minogue‘s judgment on X-Factor: she “fancies” Simon Cowell.(Mirror)
  • Joan Collins admits she has worn a burka to evade autograph seekers. Just imagine the crazy Joan fans storming through London, ripping veils off poor, petrified Muslim women, screaming, “Joan, I know it’s you under there!”(Mirror)
  • The Guardian‘s Ben Child asks, “Who’s better: Matt Damon‘s Jason Bourne or Daniel Craig‘s James Bond?” Readers have thrown in another JB, Kiefer Sutherland‘s Jack Bauer, just for sh*ts and giggles.
  • Layer Cake actor Colm Meaney has joined the cast of David E. Kelley‘s Life On Mars remake.(Hollywood Reporter)
  • The Guardian‘s Sam Wollaston says it was about time Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders threw in the towel; they had lost their edge: “When Dawn and Jennifer first appeared on The Comic Strip Presents in the early ’80s, they were part of a scene that felt fresh and anarchic…But then the BBC decided they were the future, gave them their own show, and started throwing money at them. The French & Saunders Show, especially the elaborate film parodies that were such an integral part of it, became more and more lavish. They had come a long way up from the underground; they had joined the establishment. And the establishment is rarely funny.”
  • Two crime writers who should be well-known to BBC AMERICA viewers are warring in the papers today. Rebus novelist Alan Rankin was quoted as saying, “The people writing the most graphic novels are women. They are mostly lesbians also, which I find interesting.” His comment drew fire from lesbian writer Val McDermid (Wire in the Blood), who responds, “I find that statement so offensive, I can’t even begin to start, apart from the fact that a lot of what is being written by the very talented young Scottish male writers is not shying away from depicting violence very directly.”(BBC)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.