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Our bland pop world just got a little spicier: after a nine-year hiatus, The Spice Girls have OFFICIALLY announced their reunion and an accompanying world tour. Here are the U.S. tour dates:

Los Angeles – December 7
Las Vegas – December 8
New York – December 11

Just Jared has photos of the press conference this morning: dare I say that the years have treated these women well? The two Mels, in particular, look stunning. Only Ms. Posh, looking like a demented Japanese yaoi character with that shock of blond hair, seems to have regressed. (According to The Daily Mail, Ms. Beckham needs help dressing herself and will spend $500,000 for a special walk-in closet. It will be fitted “with a ‘CAT-scan’ such as those used in medical practice which will give her a detailed picture from all angles of herself wearing an outfit on a computer screen within seconds.” Wouldn’t that half-mil be better spent on a new wardrobe?)

Also: In order to re-introduce the world to the concept of Girl Power, The Sun says the ladies will re-release their movie, Spice World, some time later this year. In addition to that, a documentary will follow their reunion as it happens.

The Guardian‘s Alex Needham, who wrote for Smash Hits magazine at the peak of the group’s success, says The Spice Girls’ influence was ultimately positive:

The Spice Girls openly proclaimed themselves feminists (and in Geri and Posh’s case, Tories, but you can’t have everything). Almost overnight, Smash Hits was deluged by letters from young girls who finally had pop stars who weren’t just there to fancy (Take That, Boyzone) or be passively leered at by men (Louise). Even if they did subsequently all fall out, in their imperial period the Spice Girls presented a model of female solidarity and achievement that was inspiring and important.

Paul Sinclair, author of a book on the Spice Girls, says that history will ultimately validate them, citing the critical re-assessment of pop groups like ABBA. From The Times:

ABBA, who came to fame after winning the Eurovision Song Contest, were derided as buffoons when they were still together: and even groups such as the Monkees, the original prefabricated four, have achieved a certain grudging critical respect in hindsight. The songs of the Spice Girls – whose first album, let’s not forget, was shortlisted for the Mercury Music Prize – may prove to have a similarly surprising long-term appeal. And if they can find a way to present themselves that recaptures the fun without making them look like idiots, they will be home and dry.

Also, Channel 4 provides the 10 Things You Need to Know About the Spice Girls, and The Times has a handy guide to what the girls have been up to since their split, including how much each of them is worth, etc.

To whet your appetite: the song that made the Girls into a worldwide phenomenon.

The hunger for Girl Power is so strong that today’s news of a Led Zeppelin reunion barely registers. According to NME, the surviving members of the band will reform for a memorial concert dedicated to their former Atlantic Records boss, the late Ahmet Ertegun. “It is thought singer Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, and bassist John Paul Jones will re-group alongside late drummer John Bonham’s son Jason for the gig.”

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.