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Nashville: Home of Catherine Bach


Yee Haw! The Carltons are in Nashville. Father absolutely loved country music and the whole country lifestyle. His dream was to be able to fire a gun out of a car window whilst traveling at top speed. It feels like you could do that here without getting into too much trouble with the constabulary. Aims […]

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DC: The Heart of American Politics


Here we are in Washington D.C., where everybody knows your name. Now, this is the heart of American politics, but it’s very hard to get a handle on it. We haven’t had the chance to go inside the White House yet, possibly because it’s so hard to identify. All of the buildings here seem to […]

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Switching Gears in Detroit


Detroit this week, and I really have to say this is a change of scene. Usually we go to places where nothing but the best is on offer, so Detroit is a real eye opener as it has absolutely nothing on offer as far as I can see. Unless you’re a complete hippy and want […]

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New York: City Paved with Steam


New York City! So good they never sleep! Here we are in chilly New York City, the pavements (sorry, sidewalks) are piled high with snow. You have to have your wellington boots on or you’d be in bed with the flu before you know it. Nanny always said the secret to good health was dry […]

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Texas: The Three Star State


Yee haw again! Here we are in the One Star State, which I think is a bit unfair as it seems fine to me, I’d give it three stars at least. It’s nice to be back in the country, although it can’t seem to make up it’s mind if it wants to be baking hot […]

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The Actors Behind Almost Royal


Contrary to popular belief, Poppy and Georgie Carlton are NOT real. They are played by British comedians Ed Gamble and Amy Hoggart, who have done everything from performing at Fringe Festivals to being featured on stand up comedy television to starring in popular podcasts. Check out Ed on BBC Radio 1’s 4 Minute Comedy. Warning […]

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Where to Watch


Need to catch up on Poppy and Georgie’s adventures on Almost Royal? Luckily, there are endless possibilities! Follow the BBC AMERICA schedule to see when your favorite episodes will be repeating. Watch online on the following platforms: iTunes Amazon Instant Video Google Play VUDU Xbox Video Video On Demand: Episodes will appear on BBC AMERICA […]

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Boston: Tea and Revolution


Here we are in Boston! Part of “New England,” home of leaves. Personally I’m missing “Olde England” but we heard rumours of a tea party in Worcester, so myself and the lovely Poppy decided to pop along and see whether these chaps have their ducks in a row, tea-wise. Turns out a Tea Party in […]

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Los Angeles: City of Dreams


L.A., land of the free! The American Bollywood. Let me just say, I love Hollywood. It’s so lovely and sunny and people are so tanned and shiny. Lots of them even have a bosom the size of Nanny’s. It really is the most marvelous place. We got talking to a chap who told us that […]

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Royal Q&A


Distant heirs to the throne, siblings Georgie and Poppy Carlton are the latest Brits on the scene. Here’s a peek into their polished perspective… What are your favorite qualities in a man/woman? Poppy: I really like rich men, they’ve got so much less to prove. And such nice cars. I’d only go out with a […]

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