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(Photo: Hal Wolverton)

Welcome to Anglophenia’s brand new weekly feature, On the Beat! Every Monday, I’ll be offering a handy round-up of the upcoming week’s pop culture essentials from around the globe.

On the Beat’s remit is deliberately broad and adaptable, so expect wide-ranging recommendations from all areas of entertainment: the best new music to listen to, the best films to watch at the cinema, the best TV shows to binge on at home, the best podcast to brighten up your morning commute, the best books to read at bedtime.

Because all our social media platforms are becoming increasingly crowded, I’ll also be making suggestions of who to follow on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Expect a mix of scalpel-sharp commentators, celebrities with a sense of humor, and influencers who are actually worth listening to. Some of On the Beat’s recommendations will be cool and classy, whereas others will be rather more lighthearted. There’s definitely a place for a meme here if it’s especially clever and inventive.

Because I want to keep On the Beat as box-fresh possible, I’m definitely interested in hearing from you. If there’s something or someone you’d really like to see included here, please do tweet me @anglophenia and @mrnicklevine. Until then, enjoy On the Beat!

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By Nick Levine