Where to Look for Fiona Shaw: From 'My Left Foot' to More of 'Killing Eve'

(Photo: Getty Images)

We cannot get enough of Fiona Shaw. She is beyond engaging as Carolyn Martens in the BBC America original series Killing Eve, and she will be taking on another titular role in the second season of Baptiste, premiering July 17 on BBC iPlayer.

The above are only two of her standout roles, let's take a peek at before, in between, and what's to come:

1. My Left Foot

One of Shaw's first major big screen roles was in 1989, starring in the biopic My Left Foot, opposite Daniel Day-Lewis. Day-Lewis portrays real life artist and writer Christy Brown, who overcomes having cerebral palsy, with his left foot being the only limb he can control. Shaw takes on the role of Dr. Eileen Cole, who acts as a home care aide for Brown. We'll say, Brown is quite smitten with her.

2. Three Men and a Little Lady

In 1990, Shaw stepped into the comedy Three Men and a Little Lady, joining Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg, who we first saw in Three Men and a Baby. The three men travel to the U.K. in hopes of reuniting with five-year-old Mary, who they helped raise. Shaw takes on the role of headmistress Miss Lomax. This time around, she's the one who is smitten with one of the gents, Peter (Selleck).

3. Jane Eyre

Shaw did some time traveling in 1996, starring in the period drama Jane Eyre. She takes on the role of Mrs. Reed, who is tasked with looking after her orphaned niece (Anna Paquin). But, instead, she kicks the girl out of her home, sending her off to a boarding school, where she is mistreated. Even so, young Jane focuses on learning, becoming a teacher. Later in life, she returns to visit her not-so-nice auntie.

4. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

In 2001, Shaw joined the Harry Potter franchise as... another not-so-nice aunt. We meet the boy wizard, played by Daniel Radcliffe, with Shaw taking on the role of his Aunt Petunia. When Harry starts to realize he has magical powers, his aunt does not take it well. Shaw starred in five of the HP movies, from 2001 through 2010.

5. Dorian Gray

In 2009, she stepped into the movie adaptation of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray. Gray (Ben Barnes) is a young man, with fine features, who seems to never age. And, there's a reason... he made a deal with the Devil. Shaw portrays Lady Agatha, who is a member of high society and introduces Gray to her influential friends. Meanwhile, she doesn't know the secret he keeps upstairs in the attic.

6. True Blood

Shaw joined the True Blood series in 2011, starring in its fourth season. The series revolves around vampires living in plain sight, intermingling with humans, fairies and witches, and a whole bunch of other supernaturals. Shaw takes on the role of Marnie Stonebrook, a medium. While Stonebrook starts off pretty much harmless, she is then possessed by a witch, who is... very threatening.

7. Channel Zero

In 2016, Shaw took the lead in the anthology series Channel Zero. Starring in six episodes, she portrays a character named Marla Painter. She is a widow, living in a town called Iron Hill, where her son and four other children were murdered by a serial killer. When Painter's other son, Mike (Paul Schneider), returns home 30 years later, he thinks his brother's death may have been tied to a bizarre children's show.

8. Killing Eve

Shaw killed it (pun intended) as MI6 Agent Carolyn Martens in the groundbreaking series, Killing Eve, premiering in 2018. When a desk agent, Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh), shares her thoughts on the assassination of a Russian politician, it gets Martens' attention. She upgrades Polastri from unemployed MI5 agent, because Polastri goes a little rogue, to unofficial MI6 agent, working under Martens' supervision.

9. Kindred

We can also look for Shaw in Kindred, which just premiered this year. She takes on the role of a matriarch named Margaret, whose son and daughter-in-law are expecting a baby. She's thrilled to hear the news, but is not happy to learn they are relocating to Australia. When her son (Jack Lowden) is killed in an accident, his wife (Tamara Lawrance) is left a widow and stuck with her troubling mother-in-law.

10. Killing Eve (Again)

This is not a typo, to have KE on the list twice, we are just THAT excited to be getting more. The series has been on-air for three seasons (2018-2020), with the storylines and characters ever evolving. We can look for the return of Shaw as Carolyn Martens in the fourth and final season, which is currently in the works.  While this may conclude her run as Martens, we are going to soak up every bit of it... on repeat.

Are you going to have a Fiona Shaw marathon!? We are!