WATCH: 'Sesame Street' Star Elmo Tries to Mediate Between 'Game of Thrones' Rivals

This is the mashup of all mashups. Sesame Street's Elmo was so concerned about the familial rivalry going on in Game of Thrones' Westeros, that he swung by to step in and provide some guidance.

Surprisingly, siblings Cersei (Lena Headey) and Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) take his wise words into consideration:

Tyrion seems to be the more sensible Lannister, saying, "I only want what's best for Westeros." With his maniacal sister replying, "And I only want for you to not get what you want." At least she's honest.

One of the best lines from the clip is when her younger brother zings back, "See! This is why you don't have any friends." Really?? Does one think a cut-throat queen like Cersei cares about disposable companionship?

While she might not, this topic is right in Elmo's wheelhouse. He's had falling outs with friends like Cookie Monster, but rather than getting upset he "listens and learns from what they have to say."

It appears Elmo's words broke through this long-lasting battle of egos, with the brother and sister agreeing to try and compromise.

While this franchise combo might seem a bit random, both shows are HBO properties, which might help explain how this came about. This is just the first of many clips to come, with the plan to rollout the Sesame Workshop "Respect Brings Us Together" campaign throughout the next year.

OK, let's just hope Elmo knows how to get back to Sesame Street.

Did this give you the giggles??