WATCH: Meet the Robot in 'Lost in Space' Feature Trailer

We were introduced to the all-new Lost in Space series — and the Robinson family — last month. Now, with the release of the longer trailer, we discover just what happened to throw their ship off course... AND we meet the robot, whose catchphrase,"Danger, Will Robinson!" thrilled fans of the original show.

The 10-part Netflix series — a remake of the original series that ran from 1965-1968, that many of us saw in re-runs — will be available to stream this April.

The premise is the same: the Robinson family has been selected to head to a habitable planet and spearhead colonization, except… they get lost. The new version is visually stunning, and possibly a little sassier than the original. In the just released trailer, Will Robinson says, "We're lost." And his sister responds, "No kidding." Touché, Penny Robinson.

Apparently typical sibling banter hasn't dissipated in the future.

While they might have time for some light-hearted joking around, things get dire, quickly. It's predicted they only have "weeks" of sustainability on their new planet:

Last year it was announced that “Indie It Girl” Parker Posey would take on the role of the devious Dr. Zachary Smith, and, since then, the actors who’ll portray the Robinson family have been confirmed. Toby Stephens plays Professor John Robinson, Molly Parker takes on the role of Maureen Robinson, Taylor Russell is Judy Robinson, Mina Sundwall plays Penny Robinson, and Max Jenkins will star as young genius, Will Robinson.

Some fans may not be keen on the idea of a reboot, like, "Why mess with a good thing?" But in this case, it's kind of fun to see the family and their adventures given a second life using advanced film techniques that weren't available in the 1960s.

Netflix's Lost in Space will premiere on April 13, 2018.

Is this on your spring watch list?