WATCH: Jenna Coleman Finds It Hard Being a Queen, Wife and Mother in 'Victoria' Season 2 Trailer

After what's felt to us fans like a time lag longer than Queen Victoria's reign, we're finally able to sneak a peak at the second season of Victoria, which will air on PBS next year.

We got to know the headstrong young monarch, portrayed by Doctor Who's Jenna Coleman, in the first season, and honed our appreciation of her complicated character with this fantasy TV watching session.

Season two moves the story along to the point where she became a mother. If you know your history, then you're already aware that Victoria gave birth to nine children during her reign.

In the season two trailer, we meet the Queen right after having her first child. Any new mother would have a difficult time adapting to all the changes that come with motherhood, and the Queen of England is no exception. When told by her Mistress of the Robes, Duchess of Buccleuch (Dame Diana Rigg), "You're not the only woman who has felt in low spirits after the birth of a child," she responds, "I am not a woman. I am a queen."


Her responsibilities, as depicted in the below trailer, go well beyond family life:

She also struggles with the challenges that come with being a wife, saying, "To be a queen, I must rule. To be a wife, it seems I must submit."

Queen Victoria confides in her husband, Prince Albert (Tom Hughes), and reminisces about when life was "simpler." Ever her staunch ally and confident, he reminds her, "You will always be my beloved."

As we all know, with great power comes great responsibility. It's one thing to worry behind closed doors, but Queen Victoria was strong and unwavering in public.

Season two of Victoria will premiere in the U.K. on ITV this fall and on PBS in January 2018.

Do you think Queen Victoria will settle into motherhood by the end of season two?