WATCH: Jason Momoa Stars in Trailer for Post-Apocalyptic Series 'See'

Aquaman star Jason Momoa, who you may also remember from seasons one and two of Game of Thrones, is set to star in the forthcoming Apple TV series See.

Coming from Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight, the dystopian tale is set in the far off future, following an apocalypse that has wiped out most of the human population. Those who have survived are blinded, as well as their offspring. No one can see, nor remember what it's like to see. Until... baby twins are born with sight.

The recently released trailer expands on this revelation and the Queen's (Sylvia Hoeks) plans for the prodigal children, who she deems a threat:

Some members of his tribe think of the children as a gift, with an elder suggesting to give the children to the queen to save the whole. We'd say, let them grow up, they can be leaders with their sight, but sensibility doesn't always come into play when writing a dark thriller.

And, not to be a naysayer, but how did the father (Momoa) realize the infants could see, if he can't see what the babies are doing? Possibly it is explained more in the series itself. We trust Knight will use logic in telling this story.

We just want to put it out there, if you noticed that, we noticed, too.

You can also look for Alfre Woodard (Luke Cage), Nesta Cooper (Bliss), Christian Camargo (The City and the City) and Hera Hilmar (The Romanoffs).

You can look for See on November 1.

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