WATCH: First Trailer for James Corden and Ruth Jones' 'Gavin and Stacey' Christmas Special

What's occurring? Well, the first trailer for the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special, that's what!

Co-creators James Corden and Ruth Jones announced in May that they were bringing back their much-loved sitcom for a one-off "festive treat." The first teaser shows Rob Brydon's Uncle Bryn getting just a little bit stressed while cooking dinner, before Jones' character Nessa and Joanna Page's Stacey walk in to express sympathy... sort of.

Corden's character Smithy doesn't appear in the trailer, and neither do Alison Steadman's Pam, Mat Horne's Gavin, Larry Lamb's Michael, or Robert Wilfort's Jason. But, we know they're all coming back for the special because they appear in a first-look photo.

Meanwhile, in a new interview with the U.K.'s Radio Times, Corden and Jones have admitted that their first-draft script for the one-hour special "just [wasn't] good enough."

"There was so much in the story, there was no room for the characters to breathe," Corden said.

Jones then revealed what was lacking in the first-draft: “There needed to be a heart to it, a big moment that resonated.”

Corden added: “We went round and round, and it was probably about midnight – Ruth here with her laptop, me pacing around – and as soon as we had let it go, an idea arrived, maybe the quickest scene we’ve ever written, really. And as soon as that scene was finished, we had no choice. We said, ‘well now we have to make it.'”

Gavin and Stacey originally ran for three seasons plus a Christmas Special between 2007 and 2010, airing in the U.S. on BBC America. It followed a long-distance relationship that blossomed between Gavin (Horne), a young man living in Essex near London, and Stacey (Page), a young woman from the Welsh seaside resort of Barry Island. The ways in which their relationship affected their close-knit family and friends was also a major part of the show's warm and relatable charm.

Are you looking forward to catching up with the Gavin and Stacey gang?